Monday, 18 November 2013

Evolving Services and Relevance in Pet friendly Hotel Stay

A number of services have sprung up and evolved from the initial basic provision of rooms and places to stay to professional care like; grooming, baths and emergency health checkup services in case needed and lot more other services on demand for a prescribed fee. In the area of hospitality it has spawned an industry that specifically focuses on the needs of these fury friends and companions.
-In some hotels specific pets like dogs are allowed and their size is maintained to a certain size, maximum number per room.
-Pet owners should (statutorily) furnish health certificates and related documents of pet health to gain access of the pet stay service or even be able to get admitted.

-A specified fee is charged for a maximum number of days of stay or extendable on request.

-In a relatively travel obsessed society it’s no doubt that people attach great relevance and importance to a service that enables them enjoy a full holiday with their pets and take advantage of other services implicit or implied on booking.

Idaho Falls Hotels travel and stay services are ever evolving and for one to imagine enjoying a vacation with family pets is a reality, pet friendly hotels is not much of a dream anymore. 


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